General Terms

Every client of the Pernik Bus Station can buy a bus ticket from the boxes located in the building of the bus station. By purchasing a bus ticket, the users of the passenger transport service agree with the general conditions of the carriers:

  1. With this ticket, the carrier shall conclude a contract for the carriage of passengers by assuming its responsibilities under Section II of the Road Transport Act.
  2. The bearer of the ticket is insured during the travel.
  3. The carrier shall provide the holder of a valid ticket with a bus on the specified route and his personal luggage in the amount of one bag and hand bag.
  4. The carrier is not responsible for a lost or stolen ticket, a duplicate of lost or stolen ticket is not issued.
  5. After the departure of the bus, the value of an unused ticket is not refunded
  6. The carrier is not responsible for delays due to objective reasons.
  7. If the carrier fails to make the trip, the price of the purchased ticket will be refunded.
  8. The passenger is personally liable for damage to the vehicle.
  9. Smoking on the bus during a trip is forbidden.
  10. The passenger is required to provide the ticket upon request for inspection by the authorities of the Automobile Administration, Traffic Police and internal control of the carrier.
  11. „Пътнически превози Перник“ Ltd. is not responsible for unfulfilled courses as well as for unrepresented, inaccurate or incomplete information from other carriers for their changes in timetables.